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window in Hurghada

Four easy steps to silence and comfort.


PVC – A poor conductor of heat, PVC neither retains nor transfers heat indoors. Aluminium does both. The Value (the calculation of conducting properties) of PVC is comparable to wood and far less than Aluminium.


Use of fusion welded joints, multi-chambered profiles, multiple point locks and silicone sealant for airtight sealing that prevents the conditioned cold air from escaping out and hot air from flowing in.


All WindoX windows and doors can be fitted with double glass, which is often used in modern buildings with high green rating – as the means to save power.

Why we are?

monthes on the market
happy costomers of our company
buidings in Hurghada with our Windows
people recommend us to friends

Production of windows in Hurghada.

Our company has own factory in Hurghada, it allows us to manufacture windows of any complexity and in case of faulty or damage of the windows, quickly and qualitatively repair it.

We guarantee high quality of our windows

That is why we give a guarantee on our windows for 40 years. This guarantees you will not get in any other company in Egypt.

We are on the markent sense 2005!

Our company has long established in the market of Hurghada. We are care about our name and, therefore, do our work with high quality

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